July 19, 2009

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Looks Good To Me has MOVED!

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I have been working all weekend on setting up my very own .com! Although I am nowhere near finished, this new layout will give you an idea of how I hope the blog will evolve over time.

Future plans include the addition of a blogroll, gallery pages for both illustrations and patterns as well as (eventually) an entirely new and original layout and (someday) a little e-shop selling limited edition pieces. The current blog layout is an adapted version of Textback, a theme developed by Amy & Pink. Check out their other cool WordPress themes here.

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Looks Good: Bows

July 15, 2009

bow bagI realize that I quite recently described myself as not a girly girl. While I do believe this to be true, I must claim one exception to the rule. I like bows. In fact I like them quite a bit. A bow is one of those classic shapes that always looks good. While they are undoubtedly feminine, bows also convey a wide range of personalities. An old family friend has worn a little silver bow-shaped barrette in her hair for as long as I have known her (more than 20 years) and it suits her so well even now, for me it has become a part of her character.

Designers love bows too. While bows are never really a big trend to speak of, every spring/summer season there is a new take on this standby favorite. Sometimes its floppy or stringy, sometimes diaphanous or chiffon. This summer I am noticing structured bows that are built into the overall architecture of the piece. They are big and attention-grabbing and I like them very much. But, as I guess I already told you, I just have a thing for bows.

bow groupClockwise from top left: necklace, Urban Outfitters bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs ring, Giambattista Valli belt, Tibi mini skirt, Jeffrey Campbell sandals


July 14, 2009

ROOT LiquorAlthough Root Beer has always been one of my favorite sodas, I never thought much about the history behind it until this past weekend in Philadelphia. One of the shops I had on my list to check out was Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction which opened its new storefront after I moved on from Philly. ROOT, their newest product completely knocked my socks off (quite literally). Root Beer is the non-alcoholic version of a beverage dating back to the 1700s called Root Tea which was a high-alcohol libation introduced to our country’s early settlers by the Native Americans. The masterful mechanical minds behind Art in the Age are now distilling their original Root Tea for the cocktail-enthusiast set. While in the store I was treated to a little sample which I loved. The full-bodied and subtly sweet liquor, the robust bottle with excellent label and of course, the 80-proof alcohol level was enough to send me straight to the nearest liquor store to buy a bottle to bring home to Brooklyn.

(Suffice it to say that I never found the nearest liquor store because I was a bit too tipsy and have never been blessed with a good sense of direction.)

I’ll be sure to pick one up on my next trip to Philly or, if I can’t wait that long, ROOT can also be purchased here on the internet.


Uslu Airlines

July 13, 2009

ulsu airlines

We took a trip to Barcelona about a year and a half ago. One of the biggest reasons we fell head over heels for the city was the colors we saw there. European cities–at least those I have traveled to–all seem to have their own color palettes. I think that just by virtue of seeing specific colors together, you can transport yourself (mentally at least) to that place where they all came together for you to begin with.

This is the mindset behind the line of nail polish made by company Uslu Airlines. Each color is carefully constructed to evoke a particular city in the minds of the designers. For a modern twist, the shade is then named after the airport code for that city as if by just paining the color onto your nails, you arrive there. The line has been getting much press recently for its collaboration with fashion designer Bernard Wilhelm. I love the edgy, hand-written label and with colors like JDP (heliport de paris), SBT (san bernadino) and KNO (knokke/het zoute) among others, everything about the line suggests it is for those quite a bit more adventurous than the average tourist.

JDP (heliport de paris)

JDP (heliport de paris)

eames chairAnother weekend out of town! We went to Philadelphia to barbecue with some former UO co-workers near my old South Philly stomping grounds. It has been almost a whole year since being back in Philly so the agenda was to make the requisite rounds of our favorite spots. (You’ll be getting several Philadelphia-inspired posts this week.) In Old City we made the score of the year when we passed (and then pounced on) a Herman Miller edition of the iconic Eames molded plastic chair with Eiffel base being sold for a lark. DWR is still selling reproductions of this beauty but what sets ours apart is that it is an originale and is bic-ballpoint pen blue and has that crosshatch 1970s finish as opposed to the more current powder-coat. It’s just so good.

philly bbq w chair

So all in all, did we have fun this weekend?


“YES” by Clint Woodside. His show Many Earths is currently on display at Reward in Philadelphia.

graffitiFor anyone in Paris right now there is a must-see exhibition that just opened up at the Fondation Cartier. “Born In the Streets: Graffiti” is about the energy and artistry of graffiti art from its heyday in the 70s and 80s through art of the present day. Instead of showing a bland retrospective comprised of photographs of tags arranged in a grid on a wall, the Fondation has transformed itself into a canvas upon which artists of today and yesterday are leaving their vivid marks. One of the galleries contains a train car upon which artists have reproduced a famous piece from the 80s, another space features digital projections of a graffiti taxonomy project that analyzes the different letterforms used by writers across the world. The process of making graffiti is as much a part of the show as the product and there will also be live demonstrations as well as films featuring the different styles found around the globe.

"Born In The Streets" Exhibition Catalog

"Born In The Streets" Exhibition Catalog

Artists (clockwise from top left): Part One, Oliver Kosta-Thefaine, Barry McGee, Gerard Zlotykamien & Basko Vasko

Artists (clockwise from top left): Part One, Oliver Kosta-Thefaine, Barry McGee, Gerard Zlotykamien & Basko Vasko

My sister who is studying in France, has been working on this show as a part of her masters program. I wish I could be there in person to see it but even from here I can tell what a success it is. Congratulations Mer, it looks amazing!

animal ringStatement jewelry is all the rage. In New York the look I see the most is simple clothing in neutral colors paired with bold jewelry and shoes. I like it because it looks easy and effortless and come on, who doesn’t like a good piece of jewelry? Rings are my piece of choice, I love how much they can add to an outfit.

Me thinks I have spotted a new jewelry trend lurking in the wilderness. Inspired by jewelry featured in Italian Vogue by Mantina Amanita I went on my own little safari to look for exaggerated animal rings on a more inexpensive scale. I was impressed with what I found and think this is definitely an emerging trend. What a great way to add a little bit of humor to contrast an edgy or girly look. Here is my original inspiration along with some of my favorites from my search.

animal rings

Rings clockwise from top: Urban Outfitters, Daphna Simon, Kate Spade, Digby & Iona (at Catbird NYC), Kenneth Jay Lane

bobby pins

Hair accessories are definitely one of the top summer trends. Leader of the pack (and still my favorite),, has inspired many to pick up their glue guns and follow suit. From Etsy to Urban Outfitters, everyone is peddling feathers and flowers to adorn their summer tresses. It’s a pretty look but not my style. The super girly stuff just isn’t my cup of tea.

While scanning the Fall 09 RTW shows, something at Dior caught my eye and I haven’t been able to shake it. The models’ hair styles were arresting in their strange freshness, hundreds of bobby pins working together to form a coif that was somewhere between 1920s flappers and racing helmets.

Looks from Dior Fall 09 RTW

Looks from Dior Fall 09 RTW

While it is not say, the most wearable trend I loved the layering and the simplicity. Instead of hiding bobby pins in my hair, I’m thinking of adapting the Dior look into a summer bang-taming look. Mix and match different pins for a textured hair accessory without so much as a peacock feather or flower petal in sight. The best part is, it’s cheap, I’ll be able to find everything I need at the corner drugstore or the bottom of my toiletry kit.

What an amazing weekend in the country! We were with about 8 others at a friend’s childhood home in Kinderhook, New York (3 hours outside of the city). We made incredible food and guzzled wine, beer and homemade pina coladas. There was swimming (lots of it), board games, barbecue, backyard fireworks, tooling around in an old MG convertible and a local soapbox derby sponsored by Jagermeister (really!). I spent a lot of time documenting the weekend festivities with the new Toy Camera app for my iPhone. With this app, you can transform your basic iPhone camera into a virtual digital Holga camera. The app randomly applies a number of different effects to your ordinary photos. Here are some that I took sitting by the pool.


The little guy is our dachshund Marlow. It was his first big trip out of the city to the magical world of grass and trees. He spent the whole weekend blissfully off of his leash and even tried his hand (paw?) at swimming a few times.


I think my camera skills are amateur at best however, for all of you budding artistes this website offers an online forum for Toy Camera enthusiasts and galleries for members to upload photos.

david david patternII

I’ve got one foot out the door already for the weekend. We are heading upstate for some Fourth of July festivities with friends. Before I go I wanted to leave you with this pattern I designed inspired by UK fashion designer David David. With his bold use of color and pattern his prints are pure fun. I love the A/W 09-10 Collection in particular for it’s geometric prints colorblocked with black and those crayola-colored tights.  It’s time to put some color back into the closets!

Looks from David David's A/W 09-10 Collection

Looks from David David's A/W 09-10 Collection