Looks Good: Art Books

June 10, 2009

Clockwise from top: Living, Etc., Design Sponge, The.

Clockwise from top: Living, Etc., Design Sponge, The.

Here’s a thought! Instead of letting books collect dust on the shelf, transform your library into an art collection. I love these different techniques for displaying books in frames. You can even switch out the titles depending on your company or your mood; show off design books to impress your artsy friends or ponder volumes of poetry when you’re feeling soulful, the possibilities stretch as far as your bookshelves do.

Or, you can dispense with the written word all together and pick up some of Leanne Sharpton’s Wooden Books. Sharpton, a book cover designer and artist merges her two métiers by creating hand-painted wooden block “books.” The covers she illustrates are classic novels to which she gives a naive quality that is utterly charming and would be a perfect addition to any library or art collection.

Leanne Sharpton's Wooden Books

Leanne Sharpton's Wooden Books can be purchased at John Derian in New York


One Response to “Looks Good: Art Books”

  1. katy said

    Love the blog so far! funny, i starred that photo of framed books from design sponge the other day in my google reader. great minds!

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