Looks Good: Milla Concepts

June 10, 2009

milla necklace 600I have a wonderful sister. She has been in so many ways my creative inspiration, comedic entertainment, shoulder to cry on, spiritual healer, etc, etc. I love her so much and I love being a sister. Perhaps it is because of that, that I am instantly drawn to any product put out by a sister team.

Milla Concepts is a jewelry line created by sisters Aimee and Katia Suero. They combine their individual talents to create one-of-a-kind pieces that look like fashion forward fine art. My favorite collection is their chain necklaces. The material reminds me a bit of those rubber lanyards we used to make crafts with at the all-girls summer camp of my youth. The final product is infinitely more sophisticated than campground couture. I particularly love the color palette, toggle hardware and added embellishments of grosgrain ribbon.

Milla Concepts Chain Necklaces

Milla Concepts Chain Necklaces


One Response to “Looks Good: Milla Concepts”

  1. Susan said

    Chains usually look so serious. I love how these are fun. And that they are a sister project.

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