Sounds Good: Heard & Not Seen

June 10, 2009

music big skirt 600Damien Correll, the ever inventive and talented graphic designer/illustrator is probably best known for his collaborations with Zoo York and Urban Outfitters. His work also appears in Mike Perry’s hand-scrawled pattern classic Over and Over. Little do you know (or maybe you do, maybe you’re his best friend), he is also a master mix-maker. This past February Correll began posting a semi-regular podcast on his website. Each podcast features an hour of music curated by Correll and his friends and hopes to (in Correll’s words) bring something different to the table. The range of music is broad and eclectic and I wholeheartedly embrace the cameos of great rock and roll names like Talking Heads, T.Rex, The Raincoats, The Byrds and Brian Eno, that sound completely new again when mixed with more recent cult indie favorites and a handful of left-field bands like Orange Juice, Chris Bell, The Phenomenal Handclap Band and others I’ve never heard of but am glad to have discovered.

Damien Correll for Zoo York

Damien Correll for Zoo York

"Over and Over" by Mike Perry

"Over and Over" by Mike Perry


One Response to “Sounds Good: Heard & Not Seen”

  1. Diana said

    Caroline, you are awesome. My new jam is now Damien Correll! Look at this GOOD magazine illustration!

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