Looks good: Fallon Jewelry

June 12, 2009

fallon braceletIn the fashion industry, the goal is always to be ahead of the trends. With my work, I often find myself looking simultaneously backwards and forwards. Thinking about the things that have been fashionable and, what they can tell us about where we are headed and how to get there. My personal tastes are not as much inclined towards true modernity as they are towards referencing something with classic appeal in a new and exciting way.

Fallon Jewelry’s S/S 09 Collection achieves this in a way that takes my breath away a little.  The classic punk rock studded bracelet (I think at this point we can call this a classic) is cast in precious metals and ornamented with a dreamy and powerful collage of studs and stones that are as bohemian chic as they are rock-star tough. It’s true that studs are nothing new in the accessories world these days but the Fallon Collection is the most successful (in my opinion) at taking something old and reinventing it into something beautiful and new.

My favorite pieces from the Fallon S/S 09 Collection

My favorite pieces from the Fallon S/S 09 Collection


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