Looks Good: The String Republic

June 22, 2009

string repubI discovered The String Republic about two years ago while scanning the internet for cool design item links with which to impress my new boyfriend. We will have been dating for 2 years in August so I guess I must have been successful. I fell for this product the first moment I laid eyes on it. As a former French major I love that they’re espadrilles, the most classic of French footwear. As a textile designer I love love love the edgy & cool graphic patterns created by the guest artists. As I’ve said before, I am always partial to putting a new spin on something classic. This year they’ve even upped the ante with dunks and boat shoe-styles.

Sadly I do not yet own a pair. I always find it so difficult to choose between all of the amazing patterns. Here are a few of my favorites, maybe you can  help me decide…

"Spitter" by Jonathan Ball

"Spitter" by Jonathan Ball


"Lost Diamonds" by ILK

"Lost Diamonds" by ILK



"Trouble Makers" by Ryan Cox

"Trouble Makers" by Ryan Cox


Maybe someday I’ll even get to design a pair (an aspiring illustrator/blogger can dream, can’t she?)


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