Looks Good: St. Tropez Leisure

June 23, 2009

st tropez girl

I’ve always been very pro sexy underthings. I remember being in my teens and going to Hudson’s department store (now Macy’s) with my mother and sister for our bi-annual routine underwear purchase. While she helped us pick out the basic necessities I would usually manage to throw a black lacy bra or a little string bikini bottom into the mix, hoping it would somehow make it past the cash register. She would always discover my hidden gem and pluck it from the pile with one finger, giving me one of her looks and saying “why do you need this?” before tossing it aside. She had a point, I hadn’t even kissed a boy yet. I didn’t need it but, I wanted it.

And to this day I still do. I am always looking for new lingerie labels to covet. My current favorite is St. Tropez Leisure out of London. The line mixes feminine sex appeal with a playful attitude. From the collection names like “Skipping Lunch” and “Always on Friday” to cheeky details like well-placed hearts and bows, any pairing is sure to make a good impression between the sheets. I love the rustic-themed lookbook in which girls comb the countryside and relax in an old farmhouse clothed in nothing but their knickers with colored socks pulled up to their knees.

hearts pink socks


neon socks 2


heart undies II


2 Responses to “Looks Good: St. Tropez Leisure”

  1. la-di-da said

    Pretty (and pretty cheeky!).

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