Looks Good: Nixon Watches

June 24, 2009

nixon watch

You can tell a lot about someone’s personality by the kind of watch they wear. A vintage Rolex says old money, a Casio calculator says indoor kid, wearers of the Swiss Army watches are renaissance men, Swatch watches indicate a little sass and an overall good nature, Movado is a nod toward restrained luxury and anything covered in rhinestones suggests the owner has never quite left childhood behind. So, what does wearing a Nixon Time Teller P say about it’s wearer? Probably that they’re one hell of a cool individual and are likely to  possess superpowers. Just look at those colors! I am positive Superman owns the blue one and Spiderman has the red. I think I might just pick up the green for those days when I am feeling a little larger than life.

Nixon Time Teller P

Nixon Time Teller P


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