Looks Good: Sweats

July 1, 2009

sweats girlI recently took a trip to Paris to visit my sister who is getting her masters there. I think just about everyone will agree, Paris among the very best cities for people-watching (especially well-dressed people watching). We stayed in a fairly trendy area filled to the brim with great looking people in great looking clothes. One day while happily strolling along taking it all in until I spotted an adorable lady trotting past me with her patent heels clicking along the pavement and something stopped me…

Was she wearing…sweatpants?

She was. High heels, a sweet little sweater, cropped jacket and yes, heather grey with elastic at the waist and ankles like she got them from a sporting goods shop. Sweatpants. And she looked fantastic.

In the end I saw many people sporting this look around town. When we came back to the states, I dove into the internet, trying to figure out where this unexpected trend had come from. I didn’t have to look far, the culprits were: Alexander Wang and Isabel Marant. Of course, right? Both create fashion that is at once high style and highly wearable. Their looks are absorbed into the way we dress ourselves as quickly as they are turned out. Fashion sweats are starting to turn up on the East Coast now. Style bloggers have been trying them on for size too, cool, casual and always with heels. It is only a matter of time before I start spotting them on the subway and around town.

Clockwise from top: Garance Dore, Fashion Toast, My Weekend Style

Clockwise from top: Garance Dore, Fashion Toast, My Weekend Style

I think my favorite way to work the sweats is à la Garance Doré, cut and rolled with a blazer and heels. Though I don’t know how she gets anywhere in those heels…

Garance Dore

Garance Dore


2 Responses to “Looks Good: Sweats”

  1. susan said

    did you start drinking coffee? sweatpants have never looked better to me!

    • Caro said

      I drink coffee quite regularly now and try my best to make sure it’s always Stumptown. If you could see me responsibly managing my caffeine levels it would do you proud!

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