Looks Good: Fred Red

July 2, 2009

fred red pillowRecently I have been drawn to leather when used in unusual places. This may have been the motivation for my recent (unsuccessful) pitch at work for making a leather scarf. The vision was probably too abstract or too hot for summer, oh well.

Perhaps creative uses for leather are better kept to the home decorating realm. Case in point: leather pillows by New York-based company Fred Red. A simple idea with just-right details, the pillows are assembled from diagonal pieces of leather in alternating colors and finished off with a chunky zipper. I like how common handbag elements–leather and heavy hardware–are re appropriated in a new way for a completely different product. The result is lush and sexy with eye popping color combinations that definitely get noticed.


black gold pillow


3 Responses to “Looks Good: Fred Red”

  1. Allie said

    I love the idea of a leather scarf! I’m on your side on that one.

  2. Cynthia said

    Wow these pillows are amazing…I love the color combination. They are so unique. Love the idea of a leather scarf too.

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