Looks Good: Toy Camera

July 6, 2009

What an amazing weekend in the country! We were with about 8 others at a friend’s childhood home in Kinderhook, New York (3 hours outside of the city). We made incredible food and guzzled wine, beer and homemade pina coladas. There was swimming (lots of it), board games, barbecue, backyard fireworks, tooling around in an old MG convertible and a local soapbox derby sponsored by Jagermeister (really!). I spent a lot of time documenting the weekend festivities with the new Toy Camera app for my iPhone. With this app, you can transform your basic iPhone camera into a virtual digital Holga camera. The app randomly applies a number of different effects to your ordinary photos. Here are some that I took sitting by the pool.


The little guy is our dachshund Marlow. It was his first big trip out of the city to the magical world of grass and trees. He spent the whole weekend blissfully off of his leash and even tried his hand (paw?) at swimming a few times.


I think my camera skills are amateur at best however, for all of you budding artistes this website offers an online forum for Toy Camera enthusiasts and galleries for members to upload photos.


One Response to “Looks Good: Toy Camera”

  1. susan said

    looks like a fantastic weekend! i wish i had been there. xoxo, s.

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