Looks Good: Animal Rings

July 8, 2009

animal ringStatement jewelry is all the rage. In New York the look I see the most is simple clothing in neutral colors paired with bold jewelry and shoes. I like it because it looks easy and effortless and come on, who doesn’t like a good piece of jewelry? Rings are my piece of choice, I love how much they can add to an outfit.

Me thinks I have spotted a new jewelry trend lurking in the wilderness. Inspired by jewelry featured in Italian Vogue by Mantina Amanita I went on my own little safari to look for exaggerated animal rings on a more inexpensive scale. I was impressed with what I found and think this is definitely an emerging trend. What a great way to add a little bit of humor to contrast an edgy or girly look. Here is my original inspiration along with some of my favorites from my search.

animal rings

Rings clockwise from top: Urban Outfitters, Daphna Simon, Kate Spade, Digby & Iona (at Catbird NYC), Kenneth Jay Lane


3 Responses to “Looks Good: Animal Rings”

  1. Katy said

    I am SO glad you didn’t include the taxidermy jewelry!

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