Uslu Airlines

July 13, 2009

ulsu airlines

We took a trip to Barcelona about a year and a half ago. One of the biggest reasons we fell head over heels for the city was the colors we saw there. European cities–at least those I have traveled to–all seem to have their own color palettes. I think that just by virtue of seeing specific colors together, you can transport yourself (mentally at least) to that place where they all came together for you to begin with.

This is the mindset behind the line of nail polish made by company Uslu Airlines. Each color is carefully constructed to evoke a particular city in the minds of the designers. For a modern twist, the shade is then named after the airport code for that city as if by just paining the color onto your nails, you arrive there. The line has been getting much press recently for its collaboration with fashion designer Bernard Wilhelm. I love the edgy, hand-written label and with colors like JDP (heliport de paris), SBT (san bernadino) and KNO (knokke/het zoute) among others, everything about the line suggests it is for those quite a bit more adventurous than the average tourist.

JDP (heliport de paris)

JDP (heliport de paris)


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