Looks Good: Bows

July 15, 2009

bow bagI realize that I quite recently described myself as not a girly girl. While I do believe this to be true, I must claim one exception to the rule. I like bows. In fact I like them quite a bit. A bow is one of those classic shapes that always looks good. While they are undoubtedly feminine, bows also convey a wide range of personalities. An old family friend has worn a little silver bow-shaped barrette in her hair for as long as I have known her (more than 20 years) and it suits her so well even now, for me it has become a part of her character.

Designers love bows too. While bows are never really a big trend to speak of, every spring/summer season there is a new take on this standby favorite. Sometimes its floppy or stringy, sometimes diaphanous or chiffon. This summer I am noticing structured bows that are built into the overall architecture of the piece. They are big and attention-grabbing and I like them very much. But, as I guess I already told you, I just have a thing for bows.

bow groupClockwise from top left: Ban.do necklace, Urban Outfitters bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs ring, Giambattista Valli belt, Tibi mini skirt, Jeffrey Campbell sandals


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